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I've recently come across an idea that the Eden Project have set up, called Cornwall Together, . It is essentially a buying club for h0ome energy bills.

There is no commitment or fees to pay, they appear to just have in mind to get good deals from energy suppliers by buying in bulk.  don't think its a scam - with Eden Project backing I think its unlikely, but do please make your own decision, but if you agree, may I request that you publicise the system on the tresmeer website - the more people who sign up, the better deals can be achieved.

Many thanks in advance.

Richard Wilson

Orchard Court



Well Tresmeer has a shop ! 

I understand that this is the first time in about 10 years that the village has such a facility and with the cost of fuel being what it is this is a real bonus. With Launceston a 14 mile round journey it is vital that we support this business venture to ensure it's survival, it will not be sustainable if we just buy a paper from time to time.
It's is a brave decision to start any new venture in the current economic climate - let's make it suceed ! Well done to the Walters family
I have no financial interest in this business and these are my personal feelings.
Peter Turner,
Helson Farm, Tresmeer
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