Tresmeer Gazette May 2017   


Over the last three years while I have been editing the Gazette, there have been a lot of changes in and around Tresmeer. More change is on the way. Last year St. Nicholasís Church closed because so few people used it. At the end of this month the village shop will close for good. The village hall that at one time used to fill to capacity hosting events for the village such as the harvest festival supper now struggles to get people to come to events. There always used to be a village show, but that has now been dropped. The Gazette, which I have been editing for three years, I have reluctantly decided to stop, at least for the summer. The facts are clear. Societies are changing and we have less and less time for local events and local socialising. Such is the modern world we live in. It is with sadness that I have reluctantly made this decision.

Enthusiasm for the journal has waned over the years. I get almost no feedback and no offers of articles or photos to support the magazine. The Gazette has supported events, advertised events, passed on information for people and helped in any way it can.

Earlier this month the Gazette made an eight hundred pound donation to the Village Hall. The magazine has been actively supporting the local community in many different ways. As I have an incredibly busy summer coming up and time is at a premium I have decided that there will be no Gazette between now and

September. Indeed I only intend to produce the Gazette from September onwards if there is genuine interest from local people. If anyone would like to pick up the baton and run with it by taking over as Editor I would be more than happy to help them get started. If not, and I have not heard from you, the readers, saying you wish the magazine to continue I will not restart it in September. The choice is yours. Write to me, email me or contact me by phone and let me know you want to support the Gazette and you want to see it continue and I will continue to produce the magazine again from September. If you have any ideas for the Gazette, or if you would like to see something different, then let me know. I am open to ideas to produce a magazine that you, the readers, would like to receive every month. All the information relating to events in and around the village is and will continue to be on the Tresmeer website. Information concerning events will also be posted on the village noticeboard on the road infront of the hall. A banner outside the hall on the hedge by the road also lets you know what events are coming up in the village hall. So those of you who still like to attend events will continue to have a way of keeping in touch with whatís on. If you want the Gazette to continue after September let me know.

You can email me at, write to me at North Tregeare Farm, or call me on 07793799676 and leave a message.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope you all have a wonderful summer.

John Gardiner.


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