DISCLAIMER : In the interests of safety these routes should be used with caution, Tresmeer Parish Council does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this information, nor is it responsible for any expenses, damages or injuries incurred directly or indirectly resulting from the use of these routes or use of this information. 


Guide for walkers

Leave gates and property as you find them and follow paths unless wider access is available

Leave no trace of your visit and take litter home

Keep dogs under effective control

(If you enter a field with cattle and calves give them a wide berth, a walking pole is a good idea for some protection)


There have been reported instances of sheep worrying by out of control dogs. Please be advised that when on any enclosed agricultural land all dogs must be on a lead or under control. Under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 if you allow your dog to worry livestock you will be guilty of an offence and can be prosecuted and fined, ordered to pay compensation and even ordered to have the dog destroyed.


Download The Countryside Code leaflet here......Countryside Code Leaflet.pdf

Code for land managers

Know your rights of way

Make it easy for visitors to act responsibly

Identify possible threats and risks to visitorís safety.

Cornwall Council will be pleased to supply landowners with a "FARMLAND - Please keep your dog on a lead THANK YOU" sign FREE of CHARGE.

Also the Cornwall Council web sites gives a wealth of information on Public Rights of Ways, definitive maps etc, - Cornwall Council PROW



This walk takes in the three listed churches within 1.5 km of Tresmeer. In the spring and early summer there are numerous wild flowers to enjoy, it uses various footpaths and quiet country lanes. The walk may be shortened to suit your groupís ability.

The full walk is about 9.7 km (6 miles) Allow about 3 hours

The short cut back missing the Church of St Winwalo is 6.5 km (4 miles)

With two cars you could park one car at the Church of St Winwalo in Tremaine and start from in Treneglos. The linear walk with two cars is 5.5 km (3.3 miles)

It is recommended that you wear stout footwear and carry a walking pole; some gates and stiles are difficult, so be prepared to climb!

If you are not familiar with the area, Ordnance Survey map Explorer 111 is advisable

Please follow the Countryside Code and where stock is grazing please keep dogs under close control or on a lead. If you are driving it is suggested you start at Trenegloss.

Download fuller version with informational guide here .......Three Saints Heritage Trail & Map .pdf

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Three Saints Cross Country Cycle Route


Three Saints Cross Country Cycle Route (Distance c 20Km)

This route is a challenging ride and is not suitable for children.

Warning: Do not attempt the full circuit after heavy rain; the River Ottery can quickly turn into a white water experience. During the ride you will cross three small streams and ford the river Ottery. Some of the downhill runs will demand a high level of fitness and skill to keep upright on two wheels. It is best if you donít do this route on your own.

The tracks are some of the less known bridleways in the area. You will come home probably wet and muddy and possibly a bit tired, but if you can do it have fun!

Start from the Church of St Nicholas Tresmeer and ride down through the village and go through a gate. Continue to the bottom and another gate, turn left and ride uphill until you reach a cross road, turn right and continue down this track and you will cross a stream. Continue on the track and the bridleway swings to the left after a few hundred metres (not marked at this stage). You need to go west until you reach the top far edge of the field, there is a section of rough moor, for some reason the bridleway turns into a footpath for a couple of hundred metres. Push/carry your bike until you join a bridleway/farm track were you turn right, over a ford and into Kyrse.

When you see the metalled road turn left uphill to join the Tresmeer Road. At the top turn left, after 400 metres turn right and there is a downhill run to Treneglos. Take a break and look at the Grade 2 Listed Church of St Gregory. (See the shortcut back to Tresmeer on map if necessary)

Just opposite the church is another bridleway it drops down a rough track and crosses a stream, a fairly tough climb up to pass farm buildings until you join the road.

Turn right and another downhill run will take you across the old railway to a road junction at the bottom.

Turn right over a stream and next left over a ford and climb the small lane to reach the Canworthy Water to Splatt Road. At the top turn left and drop down to Canworthy Water. Turn right and at the bridge -STOP- and examine the flow of the water. If the river is in flood you need to go back and take the safer route marked on the map.

If it the river looks reasonable continue over the bridge and turn right at the next junction and ride for about 13.5Km where there is a bridleway on the right. (This is just before Penrose Green).

Drop down this bridleway to find the river. Take a good look and be prepared to go back. At times you can ride across, you may need to wade across. (Warning: from experience if the water is above knee height it can difficult to keep upright in fast water)

On the other side you will find a green lane that is about 1Km long. At the end of the lane join the road and continue in the same direction keeping left until you reach Tremaine. Ride through the village and shortly you will find the Grade 1 listed Church of St Winwalo. After a rest go back down the road and take the first right to drop down a steep hill and a similar climb to join a road where you turn right and continue to the Tresmeer Road. Turn right and you will enter the Village where you started.

Recommended Map: OS Explorer 111 Bude, Boscastle & Tintagel

Transport: None available

Refreshments: Village Shop in Tresmeer

Parking: In the Tresmeer village area near the Church


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Link to Launceston Cycle Shop



Down By The Riverside Nature & Heritage Trail

This is a short circular walk around Tresmeer taking in part of the river . It is suitable for all ages, but there is a short road walk and a stile to climb.

The best time of year to complete this short walk is in late May. It can also be started from Badgall this having the advantage of a cuppa at the Tresmeer Village shop midway through the walk.

It can be wet near the footbridge, so you may need boots.

The walk is probably less than 2 miles and should only take about 1 hour to complete.

Buildings and monuments listed as of national historical or architectural interest and importance:Grade II* orange,Grade II blue


Start at Tresmeer Village Hall and walk down through the village past the Church


Continue past the church but pause to look at the Grade II* listed church of St Nicholas. Continue through the village and go through a gate

The Church of St Nicholasis grade II* listed and is built of stone in Early English style, consisting of a chancel, nave, south porch, and a western tower with pinnacles containing three bells. The church has 70 sittings and the register of baptisms dates from the year 1625, marriages, 1574: burials 1675. The Rev John Wesley having preached here in 1745, 1748,1750 and 1751.

Look for the wayside cross in the churchyard which is also listed with English Heritage.

There are 2 Grade II listed houses in Churchtown, 19th century Tresmeer Farmhouse which backs onto the Churchyard and the 17th century The Cottage and nearby old carpenterís workshop.


When the hedge on the left finishes, drop down the edge of the field to a bridge over the river Kensey.

A local farmer restored this excellent bridge just a few years ago.


Cross the bridge and continue up the field to the boundary at the top and you will find a small enclosed path that leads out to the bus stop at Badgall

In these meadows you will find buttercups.

From the top there are wonderful views of Tresmeer village and St Nicholas and Well Cottage,late 18th century built of stone rubble and cob (as are most of the older houses). On Tregeare Down above the village are 2 Bronze Age barrows and long parallel narrow fields probably the remains of medieval strip farming.

Badgall at the top of the field is first mentioned in 1200 and has been occupied for 800 years.Fennel House, the granary and pigsty were built between 1800 and 1850, all are listed Grade II.


Turn right and walk past the cottages for about175 metres


Go through the gate on the right into a field. Drop down through the field heading for some mature oak trees, climb a stile, bearing left to join the road.


Go through the gate and turn right down the road to the bridge over the river Kensey.

Treglum Bridgea mid 19th century bridge is listed and described as slatestone rubble with granite dressings.


At the bridge turn right through a gate and follow the track

Treglum Mill Cottage was a Mill house and corn mill built around 1750 and listed with English Heritage


Continue up the track to return to your starting point

In early summer the meadow on the right can be full of wild flowers. Look for ragged robin; a small red/pink flower that grows in the damp ground.

Buildings and monuments listed as of national historical or architectural interest and importance:Grade II* orange,Grade II blue

Download the above map & information below

down-by-the-riverside-nature-heritage-trail .pdf

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Down by the Riverside Nature & Heritage Trail Photos