Splatt, Tremaine and Tresmeer Against Turbines

Splatt, Tremaine and Tresmeer Against Turbines was formed by a number of residents from the villages of Splatt, Tremaine and Tresmeer and the surrounding areas who were concerned over proposals to erect wind turbines in the area.

Individual objections were submitted to Cornwall Council, but following increasing concerns over the effects that wind turbines in the area would have, it was decided to form a group and obtain professional advice.

REMEMBER: These turbines are a 25 year long proposition, but we have no guarantees that these companies will be here for 25 years to maintain them, let alone be here in 25 years to take them down.

Cornwall Council will have to pay upwards of £30,000 to defend an appeal. This is a cost to you the taxpayer and we therefore believe that if an appellant loses their case they should be responsible for Cornwall Council's costs. By law costs will be awarded if the appeal proposal is clearly contrary to or flies in the face of National Planning Policy and no, or very limited, other material considerations are advanced with inadequate supporting evidence to justify determining otherwise.  It is Cornwall Council's fiduciary duty to apply for these costs and we will be pressing them to do so in ALL CASES.

In a landmark court case a couple sued local landowners and the company which owned and operated wind turbines for £2.5MILLION, claiming the noise had disturbed their sleep, given them headaches and made their house virtually worthless. The landowner and the operator of the wind turbines agreed a settlement with the couple under terms of strict confidentiality.

Current Concerns





Town and Country Planning (Appeals) (Written Representations Procedure) (England)

Regulations 2009

An appeal has been made to the Department for Communities and Local Government in respect of the following planning application:

DCLG ref:


Cornwall Council ref:


Appeal start date:

16 July 2013


Siting of a 500 kW wind turbine with a hub height of 50 m, a maximum tip height of up to 77 m with three blades and a rotor diameter of up to 54 m with ancillary equipment and temporary access track


Higher Churchtown Farm Tresmeer Launceston Cornwall PL15 8QT


Mr Graham Bate

Cornwall Council decision:


STTAT opposed the original planning application and are opposing the above appeal.

Photo montages of the proposed turbine can be seen at Tresmeer Village Shop


viewed here Photomontages August 2013(3).pdf


This has been a very expensive appeal, costing STTAT upwards of £7,000

Click here for more details.....STTAT statement.pdf

Any donations would be gratefully accepted. Cheques payable to "Troopers Hill Ltd" please (the company that did the photomontages), or please pass any cash donations to Julie in the Village Shop.

If you have any queries or would like to discuss any financial involvement please don't hesitate to call in at North Tregeare Farm to have a chat and coffee, or give me a ring (01566 781319) or email me...statt@hotmail.com



If to you wish to object to wind turbines in your area the following tips may be of help.

Objections should be to the point and not emotional.

Remember, it is better for each person at your address to make separate objections.

You could consider the following:

The National Planning Policy: The proposal would be a prominent feature and would conflict with the objective of "planning positively for opportunities to retain and enhance landscapes and visual amenity" The proposal would have significant adverse landscape and visual effects and would harm the character of the area.  The impact of the proposal would be inappropriate and harmful to it and therefore "very special circumstances" would not apply.  The applicant claims that the development would be temporary but the harm to a valued landscape would last for 25 years and so would be significant. The appellant's assessment understates the likely harm. 

Loss of Visual Amenity (Not View! Do not object because of your loss of view or the impact on the value of your property. These are not PLANNING objections and will not be considered)

and Environmental Impact 0n Natural Areas and Areas of Landscape History Importance.

e.g from any Nature or Heritage Trails and Cycle Routes which surround your Parish, or Bridleways, include any listed churches and buildings. 


Public rights of way  State proximity of public footpath to Wind Turbines (if applicable) – health & safety risk in high winds.  “…there is no statutory separation distance between a wind turbine and a public right of way.

Noise Explain your concerns about the noise impact. Usually the Applicant provides data which has been taken from a desk top analysis only and is biased towards the Application. The data supplied is usually misleading in that it is generic and the background noise level is usually referenced from somewhere other than the planned site or at a preferred location.


Health Impact  - Low frequency noise and vibration

Wind energy developers measure the audible range of noise, but not the lower frequencies – which are sometimes below audible limits. In 2004, the DTI commissioned the Hayes McKenzie Partnership to report on claims that LFN and infrasound were causing health effects. Their report noted that a phenomenon known as Aerodynamic Modulation was occurring in ways not anticipated by UK regulations relating to wind farms ETSU-R-97 (ETSU).


Strobe Effect -  The Seamer & Hilton Windfarm Action Group in the northeast of England published a report describing many of the risks to the general public from wind turbines including noise and light flicker. The strobe effect from wind turbines, when the sun is behind the rotating blades, can cause dizziness, headaches and trigger seizures (epilepsy). Shadow flicker and reflected light from blades can also cause problems. These light disturbances are experienced inside the home as well as outside.


Bats / Birds / Wildlife  Do you know of any protected species e.g. bats in the area / proposed sites?  In the UK, bats and their roosts are protected by law.



Cumulative Impact on the landscape with other wind turbines/wind farms in the area.

Include "Screening and Scoping Opinions" if applicable for other planning applications in the area.




This is what happened at nearby Pipers Pool


Think Wind Turbines are safe?

Watch these videos - http://youtu.be/ZMNqjirbWoQ